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High Sierra Fly-In 2017

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High Sierra Fly-In 2017 is coming!

October 18th - 22nd. Free dinner and fireworks Saturday night, free breakfast Sunday morning. Bonfires every night. Every type of aircraft you can imagine will be there, especially STOL. RV-friendly location on Flanagan Dry Lake between Pyramid Lake and Susanville.   Easy off-airport landing for all types of aircraft and pilots of all skill levels.

Details and directions coming soon.

Off Calendar Events

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Please plan to join us for some exciting "to-be-scheduled" events:

  • Fly-out to Modesto for CAF meeting and breakfast
  • NASA Moffett Field Flyout
  • Paso Robles Museum Flyout
Dates and times to be announced.

Caleveras Air Fair

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Received this from Kathy up at Caleveras...

We invite you all to attend our old fashion fly-in.


We start our day with a pancake breakfast by the Tri-Dam Lions Club. Aircraft will start to arrive early and classic cars will be setting up for display along with radio controlled aircraft. Airplane rides will also start early and continue throughout the day; $10 for adults and $5 for children.

Musical entertainment will be provided by “The Calaveras Community Band” followed by “The Rusty Rockers”. Lunch options include pulled pork sandwiches by EAA 484, bratwurst by Moke Hill Lions, and hot dogs by the local boy scouts.



Come join the fun and make Calaveras County Airport (KCPU) your destination April 23!

FAA Safety Briefing

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The March/April issues of FAA Safety Briefing is available here:

Oakdale Airport Open House 2015 is a success!

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Oakdale Airport Open House is in progress and everyone is having a great time!  We've got lots of eager young aviators waiting for their airplane rides and lots of eager older aviators giving those rides.  We've got vintage cars,  hot rods, vintage airplanes and even a few vintage aviators on display today.

Les Homan sure gets around

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Les has sure been getting around in his Legal Eagle.  Take a look at his YouTube page for videos of his flying adventures...

Oakdale Airport Open House on Oct 10!

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Landing Mishap with Scott's Coyote

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As told by Scott "Crash" VanArtsdalen...

So on the Friday before Labor Day I decided to visit Blackhawk Paramotor USA at their private airfield. Wind was calm at the field and everything looked good. I made two passes from the north, and then two more from the south to see what the best approach would be. I decided that given wind on the ground and obstructions it would be best to land from south to north. I set up and was making a picture perfect approach. However, I ended up coming in short and my landing gear impacted a berm at the south end of the runway that I had not seen from the air. (You can see the direction I was approaching from in the second picture, note how the field looks flat leading to the tree line, it isn't it is undulating.) The top of the berm is level with the runway, and runs downhill to the south. There was an optical illusion in play that made the ground look flat when it really wasn't. After impacting the berm the airplane bounced about 10 to 15 feet in the air and then impacted the ground approximately 50 feet from the end of the runway. The aircraft slid maybe another 5 feet or so after impact. The engine stopped immediately on impact.


With the sound of the plane's ground impact still echoing in my ears (somewhere between a loud pop and a bang) I slowly moved my feet and toes to make sure they were fine. Moved my legs. All good! But ooh, my back! I crawled out and called my wife. She was just happy I wasn't hurt. At least not much. Nothing but a skinned knuckle and sore back.


I'm still waiting to hear from my insurance company on whether it's a rebuild or a total. Told them I wasn't interested in rebuilding. And in fact, I can't. I don't have the tools or the space to do it any longer. So, we'll see.

Turlock Airport Young Eagles Day

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Todd Smith with the Turlock Airport dropped by our website to say they are having a Young Eagle's Event at the Turlock Airport this Saturday and would welcome any of our pilot members participation. They will provide breakfast and lunch.

For more information contact Todd at 209-202-8869

Happy New Year

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2014 was a great year and 2015 looks like it will be even better!  Check back to learn about happenings in and around EAA Chapter 90.  In the mean time check out the January/February issue of FAA Safety Briefing to refresh your knowledge on rules of the sky.

Click here to download the January/February issue: